Have you recently discovered that you have bad credit history?
Have you been rejected because finance of your bad credit score?
Has your credit provider offered you higher than expect interest rates, fees or charges because of your credit history?

No one deserves to be disadvantaged by negative credit listings like payment defaults or court judgements. Australia has over 14 million active credit files with more than 3 million negative listings.  Budget Credit Repair employs specialists in the credit repair and financial management. We can assist with the following:


Credit Repair Services

Budget Credit Repair offers the full range of Credit Repair Services including:

  • Payment Defaults removal; the most common negative listing (black mark), which can remain on your credit report for 5 years.
  • Court Judgements; have a significant impact on your ability to secure credit, but they can be removed by our highly experienced and trained team.
  • Clear-outs; moved house or traveled? Clear-outs remain on your credit file for 7 years. Speak to us before you pay any outstanding amounts.
  • Crossed or linked credit files; a small percentage of the 3 million active credit files in Australia are crossed or linked, because of the way lenders submit your credit data. Don’t let someone else’s bad credit history stop you from achieving your credit goals.

Unlike most other credit repair organisations, we offer our clients a free, no obligation preliminary investigation of your credit repair Matter. Why wait 5-7 years for your credit history to become clean? Contact us today to discuss your personal circumstances and allow Budget Credit Repair to help you become Credit Ready!


Loan, Mortgage and Refinancing Services

Budget Credit Repair offers a wide range of low interest mortgage and loan services, including:

  • Home or investment property finance
  • Vehicle finance
  • Unsecured loans up to $25,000
  • Re-financing existing debts
  • Debt Consolidation

We have already helped hundreds of Australians achieve their borrowing goals. If you have been rejected in the past or have an issue with your credit report, don’t despair, contact us now to discuss how we can help.


Financial Management Services

Budget Credit Repair’s Financial Management Service (FMS) is tailored to your personal financial circumstances and goals. If you are experiencing financial hardship or simply need help with budgeting, bill payments, financial management advice, account management, debt settlements, debt consolidation, arranging loans or refinancing your existing loan or mortgage, we can help you achieve almost any financial goal you set.


Debt Settlements

Budget Credit Repair is committed to helping clients achieve the best outcome to their credit related issues. If you are experiencing problems meeting your financial obligations, due to a change in circumstance outside of your control, or your creditors are demanding that you pay your outstanding bills and/or other financial commitments now – Let Budget Credit Repair help you before your financial situation becomes critical. Speak to us today about our Debt Settlement process and act before you receive a ‘payment default’ on your credit file. By acting promptly, you could save thousands of dollars and protect your credit history.

If you are experiencing problems meeting your financial commitments or have already received a payment default on your credit file, Budget Credit Repair can offer you a free financial assessment. We can provide general advice and recommend a number of ways to become financially stable and ‘credit ready’. This includes Debt Settlements, Income Management, Credit Repair and Account / Financial Advice. Don’t let your creditors push you around, don’t pay anything more until you have spoken to one of our credit specialists