Do any of your clients have the following issues with their credit file, which are making it difficult for them to obtain finance or credit?
  1. Payment defaults (late or non-payment of creditor invoices).
  2. Too many ‘Enquiries’ on their credit file (by potential lenders/creditors for loans/services etc).
  3. Clearouts (where creditors are unable to contact you regarding money owed e.g. moved house).
  4. Court Judgments (are serious credit infringements where a judge has ruled in favour of the creditor).
  5. Crossed/Linked files (e.g. your client’s credit file has negative listings that belong to someone else – possibly a similar date of birth, name or address).

If any of your clients have any of the above issues, they are not alone. Of the 14 million active credit files in Australia, approximately 3.5 million have some form of negative listing (black mark). It is estimated that as many as 2 million negative listings may have been issued in error, or are contestable under various legislation requirements and/or industry specific policies, that protect consumer’s rights.

Budget Credit Repair specialises in working with organisations and practices such as yours, to help repair your client’s credit file, by removing contestable payment defaults, court judgements, clearouts and even excessive enquiries from their credit file and get them ‘credit ready’. This is now even more important than ever, with the recent introduction of ‘Comprehensive Reporting’.

By joining the Budget Credit Repair Affiliate Program, you can assist your client to get ‘credit ready’ and in turn receive either a Referral Fee or a donation to a registered charity, on behalf of your organisation (subject to approval).

Affiliate Referral Program Service Offering

Budget Credit Repair Pty. Ltd. (ABN 99 165 759 053) BCR specialises in helping people repair their credit file and in turn, improve their credit rating and their ability to borrow money.  For you and your practice, this means that your client can obtain the finance they need without delay, which is a win for your client, your organisation and you.

Key features of the BCR Affiliate Referral Program:

  1. No paperwork required by you or your practice (after the initial online sign up).
  2. Industry leading Affiliate Referral Fee or charity donation.
  3. Fast and Efficient response time – less than 60 minutes.
  4. The client remains yours.
  5. Regular and transparent updates so that you can process the loan or provide your service.
  6. Prompt and professional service to both you and your client. 

How does the Affiliate Program work?

To become a Budget Credit Repair Affiliate, please click on the ‘Register’ link (located at the top right corner of this page), complete and submit the BCR Affiliate Application Form. Alternatively give us a call on 1300 2 REPAIR (1300 27 37 24), to see how we can work together in improving your client’s financial situation, your practices service offering and revenue?

Once you have completed and submitted the Budget Credit Repair Affiliate Application Form, we will contact you within 24 business hours, with your user name and PIN.  Once you have received your log in details, it’s simple. You will sign into your organisation’s ‘Affiliate webpage’, submit the details of your client and we will do the rest. We will contact your client, discuss their circumstances, obtain their credit file and seek to resolve their credit issue.

We will keep you updated on your client’s credit restoration progress and once we have succeeded in removing your client’s negative listing and they have paid us, we will advise you of the outcome and process either your previously agreed Affiliate payment or registered charity donation.